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Patient 1

"You do so much more than helping patients; your inspiration and drive to be meaningful to them is immediately felt. Thank you for being there for me / us!"

Patient 2

I would like to thank you very much for having enjoyed your exceptional knowledge and skills in the field of robot-controlled operations.

So I am well aware that you have undeniably immeasurably influenced my future path in life.

I am firmly convinced that you will continue to be passionate about perfecting the dexterity of other specialists worldwide in order to improve and / or save even more lives.

Patient 3

I am a happy person, would that be without the operation, but consider me lucky that the operation was successful with this great result. My sincere thanks again for that.

Patient 4

Before we started the operation, my wife and I were afraid of what would happen. The Aalst Urology department reassured us enormously, so that we could start the treatment with peace of mind. It all ended well, everything went perfectly. thank you very much for this top concern!

Patient 5

In a long-term treatment/follow-up process, a trusting relationship between patient and physician with the aim of constructive and honest communication is very important. Moreover, I wish to emphasize that, apart from the way of communication, a doctor who gives a patient the feeling that he is being treated as a person/person and not as much as an appointment, can positively influence such a trusting relationship in any case. Where I have to bet everything on the 70%, you already succeed in this for the full 100%

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