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- EBU erkenning voor deelspecialismen:

•Prostate Cancer

•Renal Cell Cancer

•Bladder Cancer


•Pediatric Urology


- EBU certificate for Residency Training Programme



 -ERUS Robotic Expertcenter

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Did you know...

Prof. Dr. A. Mottrie for HLN:


“Build VIP rooms for the rich in hospitals”: top doctor wants to get the money where it is


Did you know...

Is there anything robots cant do? A presentation bij dr. Ruben De Groote

Click here to see the video

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Did you know...

Urology OLV has strong international partnerships, as you can see in this promotional video.

Click here to see the video

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Did you know...

OLV Urology is the 2nd center in Europe (after Karolinska University) that routinely uses robotic surgery


Did you know...

Siska Schoeters visited the Onze Lieve Vrouw hospital in Aalst for De Dag van de Zorg. There she met urologist doctor Mottrie who specializes in all kinds of innovative techniques in medicine. For example, he often uses a robot during his operations. Siska was allowed to try out that robot herself.

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Did you know...

VRT covered the story about a new prostate treatment called 'AQUABLATION', by Dr. Schatteman.

Click here to read the article


Did you know...

The OLV Aalst Urology service always strives for better training and has set up a digital learning platform for this purpose. Surgquest is responsible for live surgical events and webinars in a strong partnership with Orsi Academy

Click here to see to visit Surgquest

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Did you know...

That they played a pioneering role in robotic surgery:

- first case (prostate cancer surgery) in 2002

- 2003: 2nd in the world bladder removal via robotic surgery

- 2006: the first kidney-sparing procedure for kidney cancer in Europe with a robot

- 2007: the first in the world to repair the ureter via robotic surgery


Did you know...

Urology departement ⁦Aalst OLV

⁩ received the second prize during Computable Awards for technological innovation by applying AI for evaluating patient data

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Did you know...

The OLV Hospital in Aalst confirms international leadership position in robotic surgery and welcomes two brand new surgical robots.

Click here to read the article

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Did you know...

Urlology OLV Aalst has been represented at the ERUS conference for many years, where several surgeons operate live.

Click here to see to see Prof. Dr. Mottrie

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