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Narrowing of the foreskin can occur at any age. In small boys, the foreskin cannot always be fully retracted during the first years of life. It is best to check this once from the age of 2. Sometimes this can be treated with ointment. If the ointment does not have sufficient effect, a surgical procedure is required in which a simple cut (dorsal cut) or a (partial) circumcision is performed.
In adults, a gradually narrowing foreskin is often caused by a skin condition called lichen sclerosus et atroficus. Constrictions in the foreskin can lead to difficult penile hygiene of the glans and thus inflammation. Cracks in the foreskin can also be painful. At a later age, we usually immediately proceed to perform a circumcision.

With a paraphimosis, the foreskin is placed behind the glans. However, since the foreskin is too narrow, it does not return to its normal position. As a result, a substantial swelling of the foreskin develops, which gives the typical image of a “Spanish collar”. This can be very painful. When this occurs, the foreskin should be returned to its normal position by a urologist as soon as possible.

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