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Robotic surgery is minimally invasive surgery in which keyhole surgery is performed with help

of a Da Vinci surgical robot. The surgeon sits behind the console, where he has a three-dimensional view of the operating area. The instruments in the patient's body are held by the surgical robot. The surgeon uses joysticks to make virtual movements, which he uses to control the instruments in the patient's body.


The general benefits of robotic surgery:


Smaller scars, less blood loss, faster recovery, shorter hospital stay.

Better view of the operating area due to a superior HD 3-dimensional image.

More dexterity and precision through finer instruments, more flexibility and a firmer hand.


Extensive experience and expertise:


Already in 2001 the OLV Hospital, as one of the first centers in our country, introduced robotic surgery in urology. Today, the prostate center has extensive experience and expertise, which are internationally recognized.


The Urology Department of OLV is also closely associated with the world's largest robotic surgery training center, ORSI academy.

This was founded by the current CEO and also head of the urology department, Prof. Alex Mottrie.


The OLV hospital Aalst - Asse - Ninove was officially recognized by ERUS European (Robotic Urologic Society) on 16 November 2015 as a training center for robotic surgery.




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